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The Midwife

Jessi Vining, Midwife in salem oregon

Jessi Vining, CPM, LDM is a Certified Professional Midwife licensed in the State of Oregon. She provides home birth and birth center services to families out of Aurora Birth Center.

The Birth Center

Birth Center in salem oregon

Aurora Birth Center is a free-standing birth center dedicated to providing safe midwifery care to families seeking an out-of-hospital birth.

The Blog

Salem midwife blog

The blog of an on-call mama midwife. This blog features topics related to family, parenting, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and personal story-telling.



“Jessi was a warm and calm presence at the birth of my son. She kept me focused and took excellent care of all of us. I also enjoyed all of my prenatal visits with her. She is very, very knowledgeable and has such a kind soul. I would highly recommend her!”